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Triforce Creative Network / UKTV Writerslam

UKTV will be taking the well-established WriterSlam programme to the next level in 2021, promising not just a development commission, but a greenlit season of originals on Dave in 2021/22.

UKTV will select six writers who will receive a paid development commission to work up their original TV ideas into 30’ scripts suitable for broadcast and for potential expansion into full length series.

Four of these scripts will then be green lit to be produced for Dave, with TriForce Productions taking on some of the shows but with others being produced by emerging Indies to make under their umbrella with support from TriForce Productions. All the productions will be supported by Dandi – TriForce’s diversity and inclusion support service, to help them crew up in an inclusive way. It’s anticipated that the season will air on Dave either in late 2021 or early 2022.

Find out more here.


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