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“I enrolled on the course having not written a single script before and devoid of any scriptwriting knowledge, and I cannot believe what a top notch choice this has been. Getting familiar with the form and structure notwithstanding, the course was a great way to have my script assessed and read by other like-minded people – the reading out loud bit is both exhilarating and a bit scary but the feedback just gets the mind wired and going. It was amazing to see how the writing developed and stories unravelled. And on the top of that, it’s a great writing motivator if you ever find yourself struggling with getting the work done.”

M. Blaszczyk

“Beth’s 6 week introduction course was exactly what I needed. In the past when I had an idea for a short film in my head I couldn’t think of how to get started, take it from idea to finished script. But by the end of the class, after just 6 weeks, I had my first draft done.
The group was small enough that I felt I knew everyone by the end, and the online platform really didn’t feel like a hindrance at all, in fact I really grew to like it – we could all see and hear each other, and being online meant that I could do it from wherever was most convenient, sometimes at my office or from home, wherever I was at the time.
Beth’s class has given me the confidence to write screenplays by myself now, and also given me a new way to watch films – I can analyse and break down structures and get to grips with how stories are put together, which has come in really handy in my own writing.
The tuition was always clear and Beth was always willing to answer questions however simple or basic they might have seemed. The course is really from the ground up, all the nuts and bolts you need to write a screenplay. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn scriptwriting skills and fancies doing it in a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment”

W. Saunders

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Beth’s screenwriting classes late last year and since then my writing has shifted up another gear with a quarter final and semi final placement at the Bluecat Screenwriting Competition in Hollywood. As a writer you can get too close to your script to see what’s working and what’s not and that’s where Beth came in, shining her torch of wisdom, guiding me through to a polished script I was happy to send out. ”


“I’ve had an interest in writing for many years although mainly various forms of technical writing. Being an avid cinema goer and having read various books on the subject of film, I decided to search out some support in developing a script, initially as an exercise. Having found out about Beth through the scriptwriting newsletter, I arranged a few sessions with her to critique what I had been working on. One of the key benefits was speed so that rather than committing to a full course, most probably interrupted by my day job, it would allow for more concentrated input. Beth gave me constructive feedback that allowed me to develop an understanding of structure, character and plotting that was unclear from the initial drafts.  These sessions with Beth not only gave me the impetus to develop further but also resulted in two commended awards from competitions that I subsequently entered. “


“I wouldn’t have done a fraction of the writing I have without Scriptwriting North and it wouldn’t have been half as good. The weekly meetings give me focus and motivation to regularly produce and develop my work. Beth fosters a supportive environment where appreciation is generously given and suggestions for improvement are positively made. It’s a safe forum to practice the daunting but essential skill of pitching as well as producing treatments, drafting and redrafting. I highly recommend Scriptwriting North to anyone like me who wants to start or get better at scriptwriting but isn’t sure how.”

M Dickenson

“Scriptwriting North ... was the perfect opportunity to gain the basic tools of screenwriting. The sessions were friendly, engaging and a safe environment to experiment with ideas and develop stories. Not only did I develop as a writer, but the course gave me the confidence to apply for the Screenwriting MA at the Northern Film School. The group is also a great support network for feedback for every level of writer. I would wholeheartedly recommend Scriptwriting North to anyone with a passion for writing for screen”.

B Bone

“The Screenwriting course has enabled me to take my dream of scriptwriting for film and make it a reality. It helped that the sessions were fairly informal and I built a really great set of friends with the other people who attended the course. I didn’t want to sign up for anything academic and the fact that the facilitator had a screenwriting qualification, as well as practical experience ‘in the industry’ made it a perfect option as a start point to (hopefully) my film career. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who would like to start writing for TV or film and have already told many people about it.”

J Harrison Co Filmic Director

“I signed on for the introductory course on writing a short film and then joined one of the development groups, which I’ve been part of for a couple of years now. Prior to doing the courses, I’d written, on and off, for years, read a few books on writing and even done a course or two.
The reason I keep attending the development group is simple. I’ve never found anywhere else where you can share your ideas and writing and get real, constructive, useful feedback, like you can in these groups. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear, but if you’re open to the process it almost always helps you improve your work. The group has taught me the importance of developing a script and rewriting it until it’s the best it can be. As well as that, the groups are fun, inspiring and welcoming which makes it easier – easier, but not necessarily easy.
I would (and do) recommend Scriptwriting North to anyone who would like to develop their screenwriting, at any level.”

C Hughes

“Since receiving guidance from Scriptwriting North, my test scores have increased significantly. I couldn’t be happier with the personalized service that Scriptwriting North provided. It was an extremely positive experience.”

M. Nolan

“I have known Beth for a couple of years now and she is always the teacher I come back to again and again. I started out at Beth’s weekly group writing class in Manchester years ago and was coached through a very rough first draft and a couple of shorts. I really enjoyed the group experience which really helped with my confidence and writing. However, after two more drafts of a feature I wanted a more one-on-one session with someone who was familiar with my script and vision for its intention. I had been struggling with editing for over a year and had stopped writing altogether. After only an hour's consultation with Beth I could not stop the ideas from flowing, it was amazing and my pen couldn’t take notes fast enough. Beth is so encouraging and warm it makes even the most shy writer feel open to sharing. Her insights and knowledge are so in depth, coherent and supportive you want to ask her questions all day. Whatever stage you are at with your writing, Beth and her team provide a number of courses and classes to get brilliant coaching and feedback and I could not recommend them highly enough”

C Waker, Film Production Co-Ordinator

“You’ll get asked lots of questions about your script which you won’t know the answers to at the time, but once you’ve gone away and figured them out you’ll have a much better script”.

S Savage

“Apart from being a pleasure to work with, Beth is an excellent teacher. Somehow she has this amazing belief that everyone is a good writer and will always push you to be the best you can be. My scripts have gone from lame d**k and fart jokes to imaginative and vivid. I’d totally recommend it to anyone.. as long as you don’t steal my spot.”

C Rogers

“The groups are encouraging, the format challenging, and Beth is brilliant! I love it.”

G Niven

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