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Average Joe by Lisa Whiteside

Podplays are a series of world premiere podcast plays performed and recorded live outside of a normal theatre setting but in front of an audience, in one take. They are a co-production between #MancMade Productions and Listening Dog Media.

Average Joe is one of the latest podplays to go up and it is written by Scriptwriting North veteran Lisa Whiteside. Here's what she had to say about it:

"Hi SWN folks, Lisa here, as SWN was one of the main places I found my confidence in putting pen to paper with you lovely writing folk, I’ve been in touch re a new little script, my new pod play ‘Average Joe’ produced by #MancMade Productions.

"This one means a lot, inspired by both my lovely dad and a good pal, Liam Fox’s dad, two lovely blokes, both very far from average!

"Thank you to Liam Fox and Jack Verity for the kind loan of their voices and MancMade Productions for making it happen! It’d be lovely if you could all have a listen."

Take that listen here.

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