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Flip the Script!

Flip The Script, a new talent development programme for trainee script editors has been launched by social enterprise SharpFutures with the support of Sky Studios curated by Cameron Roach and members of the Sky Drama team.

The programme aims to bring on a new generation of scripted professionals, specifically with a focus on individuals in the North West, by offering twelve paid placements for trainee script editors to acquire and hone their skills and editorial voice, enabling them to apply for positions as researchers, script editors and assistant story editors in the future.

The scheme will also include masterclasses from Nicola Shindler, Paul Abbott, Furquan Akhtar, Danny Brocklehurst, Jerome Bucchan-Nelson, Lisa Holdsworth, Namsi Khan, Lisa McGee, Liz Lewin and Cameron Roach.

Find out more here.


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